4 Reasons Why Floral Tattoo Designs are Famous

Are you aware that tattoos with floral designs are popular for both genders? Men and women want to have a symbol with a flower because this body art is one of the best. In Auckland, tattoo artists will show you a portfolio of their models, and you can choose from it. If you plan to have floral body art, you should know the reasons why they are quite popular.

Aesthetic Values of Flowers

We know that real flowers have aesthetic values because of their color variation. In tattoos, flower designs are also pleasing to the eye. The aesthetics are dependent on the specific flower that was chosen. Moreover, floral arts can be interpreted with different meanings because flowers symbolize many things. For example, a red rose symbolizes love. If you want to express appreciation to your significant other, you can have a flower with the name of your lover on it. Make sure that your love is eternal.

Association with Nature and History

For people who love the serenity of nature, they choose a flower for their body art. Flowers are gifts of nature. Moreover, they also have a history behind them. In the old days, people sometimes use the flower for communication because they said that flowers have their language. If you are given a specific flower, you can look for its meaning.

Flower: A Classic Design

Flowers never get old because they are classic. It is a timeless design, and nothing can beat it. If you want a simple yet classy one, you can never go wrong in choosing a floral design for your tattoo. It’s always a trend in the tattoo industry.

The versatility of the Design

Who says that flowers are for women only? Men can also have flower body arts. Flowers are versatile designs because they do not dictate gender. Moreover, since there are lots of flowers, what are the odds that you will have the same tattoo with someone? Flowers are drawn in different models.

According to a tattoo artist, even youths want flower body art. Most artists noticed that men prefer flower tattoos with colors, while women want to keep the symbol minimalistic and straightforward by having black as the only color of the art. If you plan to have a tattoo, and you have no idea what to get, you can try the floral designs.