In Search Of Work And Like To Write For Us?

We are running a blog and we’re looking for guest blog writers. We’re in the business niche. Though we have lots of contents, we’re still hunting for more fresh contents in the niche to be posted in our blog. You may let us know in case you have a site whose niche is the same as ours. We can get your contents posted in our blog and achieved your targeted audience.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics
Affiliate marketing
HR, social media
Small business technology
Customer service
Women business concerns
Health care reform
Business Ideas
Buying/Selling websites
Driving traffic to websites
Search engine optimization
Creating awesome websites
Blog design features and functionality
Creating information & digital products
Making money from websites, blogs & forums
Web Designing and Development

There are many techniques in promoting ones blog and guest blogging is one. Well crafted articles shared on various blog platform can increase additional exposure of your site. The owner of the blog where you posted your articles can have his audience go to your site, resulting for more traffic. Not just that, they also make use of the social media to post the content to look for another source of traffic. And here’s the search engine that looks for links to your website and if your website has got more links like the ones you have in guest posting, search engine will help you create organic traffic to your website. It is however be noted that contents posted are relevant and have the same subject of your own site. If your site is in the business niche for instance, you wish to have guest blog articles on other business sites and blogs. It’s not good to post your content on real estate blog since there’s a high chance search engine may penalize your site causing the low ranking in the SERP. Contents to be submitted in the blog site can have video or photos related to your website. This is all excellent content for the search engines and will make your guest post much more successful.


You may either write the guest blog content yourself, or you can find someone to write content for you so that you’re just posting the guest blog to those sites such as this one that are for individuals to write for us. High quality low cost content can be purchased from somewhere like I Need Articles for only a few dollars.


We’ll send to you the blogging guidelines after you contact us utilizing our form. You can then begin today submitting your contents. Articles that you should submit to us have word count of 750 and double checked for quality standards. Our platform can feature guest author, if you wish to be featured, just let us know.