5 Basic Road Signs Drivers Should Know

Before you start to obtain your driver’s license, it is essential to understand that driving is a privilege. Learning to drive is a fun and exciting experience, but you should always keep in mind that you should prioritize safety for your sake and for everybody you will encounter on the road.

One of the things you need to prepare for is familiarizing yourself with road signs. You can learn by enrolling in driving school in Clearwater, FL. But for now, here are some of the most common signs you should memorize.

1. Stop

Characterized by its octagon shape and its red color, seeing the stop means that your vehicle must be on the full stop at the designated line. If a stop line is not allocated, you should bring your car to a halt before the crosswalk. If a crosswalk is missing, as well, you can place your vehicle at a point near the intersection where you still have a view of approaching vehicles. When arriving at a four-way stop, whoever appears at the intersection first will have the first opportunity to have the right of way.

2. Yield

Usually identifiable by an inverted triangle and either white or yellow, yield signs generally mean you should slow down and give other vehicles which will cross the right of way.  This traffic sign allows a continuous traffic flow from all directions.

3. Warning Signs

Warning signs are generally shaped using a diamond and are yellow in color. They inform motorists in advance about possible dangers, risks, or points of care ahead. Some examples of warning signs are:

  • Slippery When Wet
  • Low Clearance
  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • Bicycle Crossing
  • Soft Shoulder
  • Winding Road 

4. Information or Regulatory Signs

These signs inform people about the city, state, or country laws and regulations. These signs vary in shapes, colors and sizes. Usual examples are:

  • No U-Turn
  • Wrong Way
  • Restricted Lane Ahead
  • One Way
  • No Parking
  • Do Not Enter

5. Speed Limit Signs

These signs are visible black-and-white rectangles and dictate the maximum and minimum speed designations for vehicles in highways and freeways. You should always make sure to maintain your vehicle speed within limits to avoid suffering from traffic offenses.

Learn from the Experts

The traffic signs we have provided are just a small portion of what you need to take to heart to become a great driver. Our best advice is to enroll in driving school Clearwater, FL so you can receive all the resources you need to be a well-equipped and knowledgeable driver. Check out All Florida Safety Institute now!