What Is An Educational Therapist?

An educational therapist (ET) is a professional who helps students with disabilities to reach academic goals. An ET works with students and families in planning for, completing, and achieving educational goals. In some cases, the goal will be gaining self-awareness, self-control, or increased self-esteem. To do this, an ET will design and implement individualized programs. The educational services provided by the ET may include personal/family counseling, structured learning activities, individualized academic planning, educational referral, and testing. To be properly trained as an ET, the student must undergo extensive training.


A learning specialist is an educational therapist who is certified and has met requirements. A learning specialist serves as an intervention specialist, providing education and guidance to students with special needs, and works in tandem with a personal/family tutor. Tutors are skilled educators who are trained and certified. A tutor is matched with a specific student based on the needs of the tutoring program.


To become an educational therapist, one must receive specialized training. Specialization in this field requires extensive professional study and certification. The educational therapy field includes assessment, behavioral management, cognitive restructuring, applied behavior analysis, literature review, applied psychological methodologies, problem-solving techniques, interpersonal skills, psychotherapy, teaching methods, and experiential learning strategies.


A social work educational therapist specializes in counseling, social work, psychology, and related fields. These psychologists specialize in a specific area of psychology, such as developmental, family, school, or substance abuse. A cognitive counseling therapist has additional training beyond those required to become an educational therapist. This person can counsel individuals with ADD/ADHD, ODD, OCD, depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and other disorders.


Professionals in these categories are genuinely crucial resources for many families and students looking to get a solid education to be functional adults and contributing members of society.