Things A Local Dog Walker Should Never Do

Dog walking seems easy, but actually, it is not. If you are hiring a local dog walker, then make sure that he or she knows about the dos and don’ts of dog walking. Many people focus and train themselves on how to interact with a dog, how to provide dog walking services properly but very few educate themselves on what things should never be done when taking a pooch out for a walk. Do you as a local dog walker know about these things? If not, then we got you covered here!

  • Not Focusing Properly

While you are on a walk with a dog, maintain a perfect check and balance between focusing on your surroundings as well as your dog. You wouldn’t want your dog to run away or get injured if you are looking at your surroundings more than your dog and similarly you wouldn’t want you to get involved in an accident or something just because you were focusing more on your dog and were unaware of your surroundings, i.e., an approaching vehicle or a tree, etc.

  • Holding The Leash of Your Dog By Your Wrist

You must have seen many people wrapping the leash of their dogs around their wrist. Right? It allows you to control your pooch easily, but it can also injure your wrist if your dog gets hyper and wants to run off.

  • Keeping Your Hands Too Stuffed

When out on a walk, almost all of us want to use our phones a bit, grab something to eat and stuff like that. But having too many things in your hands may lose your control on the leash.

Being a local dog walker, it is essential for you to educate yourself on everything related to dogs, their habits and dog walking, of course. This is crucial for your safety as well as for your dog’s safety!