Top 5 Questions To Evaluate Yourself and Your Purpose

We often hear the words “character development” only when writers are creating a fictional lead in a novel or movie. You are the writer of your life, and you also deserve to improve. How? Ask yourself some character development questions and watch yourself grow.


What Or Who Fuels Me?


This question is not about your favorite, tangible thing, or the person you met last week at the local library. This question focuses on the aspects of your life that keep the fire in you alive, as well as the people who inspire you enough to keep going. It could be a feeling you had when you started volunteering for charity work for the past two years, or it could be your mom who never stops cheering for you.


Reflect and ponder on these things, and give yourself credit for coming this far. And if you can specify what or who fuels your heart and soul, use this as a stepping stone to a better version of yourself.


What Is My Favorite Accomplishment?


Notice the word “favorite”? Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or small achievement. What matters is how you felt at the time it happened. You don’t have to be a Nobel prize winner. The smallest gestures give the most significant fulfillment. And it doesn’t have to be something society acknowledges. Even if you accomplish simple tasks that only you can see, it counts as well!


Without Basing On Society’s Opinions, Would My Purpose Change?


Ask yourself “if no one was looking, would I continue what I’m doing?.” Even if you deny it a hundred times, society’s opinions always play a part in the majority of the decisions you make. “What would my neighbors say?” “Will my friends approve?” it’s inevitable. Think long and hard about this particular question and write everything down. Try your best not to let the thoughts of being scrutinized get inside your mind. Just write what you 100% feel and face these aspirations. Always start with yourself before you bother yourself with what others have to say.


What Would I Do If I Could Have Anything I wanted?


Just like in the movies, if the genie would give you three wishes or more, what are the things you’d want? Will it be a house or a car? Or have an island of your own? By thinking of these things, you get a better view of yourself if you pay more attention to material things or unforgettable memories. Questions like this will either humble you or awaken a side of you that you never knew existed.


On another note, money changes a lot of people. Hopefully, you don’t change, too. But, to fulfill the purpose of evaluating yourself, you must think without boundaries– no taxes, no obligations. And write down what you would do.

Who Are My Idols?


It’s okay to have someone you look up to, but are they good examples? You might have a hard time, especially if you come to realize that the person you idolize turns out to be negative. Instead, focus on admiring people who are nearer and within reach (like your mom, your aunt, a friend, or a classmate). Idolizing a person isn’t bad in general, as long as you know who has the best intentions and if they impact your life in the right way.


Take a deep breath and ask yourself a few character development questions to further evaluate yourself and your purpose.