Is Therapy Accelerator Right For Your Practice?

When you decided to be a therapist, you were likely drawn to the inevitable mix of a physically comfortable office environment, great pay and income, interesting work, and the ability to help those in need. However, for all your education and passion, you might have quickly discovered that this is not a case of if you build it, they will come.

You might have enough patients coming through your practice to make a living, but are there enough for you to say business is booming? Is your practice really thriving? Is your schedule full of those needing your help?

If you can’t answer yes to all of these, then you might be thinking you need helping marketing your practice and growing your business. That’s likely lead you to considering signing up for something like Therapy Accelerator.

You shouldn’t be ashamed about this. There are great reasons why a therapy practice can have a hard time getting off the ground in the first place.

For starters, therapists aren’t great at marketing themselves. After all, they are therapists. They are trained to work with clients and patients in identifying mental issues, unresolved emotions, and the like, and helping them become more healthy as individuals. The world needs more of that, but therapists aren’t advertisers, so working with people who are not only makes sense, it can make your practice money.

Secondly, even if you were proficient at marketing and advertising, therapy is a hard sell. It in essence requires the consumer to admit that something is wrong with them, and no one enjoys that thought any day of the week. That’s why it’s smart to pass off the advertising and marketing to those at Therapy Accelerator, because they’re not just proficient at it, they’re great at it.

Besides, once you do hand off those responsibilities, you free up more of your time to handle clients, and with the rise in mental health issues across the country, that’s where you need to be.